Fake Urwerk UR-105 Bronze Guardian Lions watch

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Fake Urwerk UR-105 Bronze Guardian Lions watch

Urwerk UR-105 Bronze Guardian Lions watc The URWERK brand does things its own way, not relying on designs in historical catalogs or trying to mimic one of the great * cough * iconic designs that has stood the test of time. If there's one brand that does this in spares, it's Urwerk, which has re-released the ur-111c black Cobra - CC1 King Cobra's black cousin. Since 1997, Urwerk has been making watches that are aesthetically and technically different. In 2009, Urwerk launched CC1 King Cobra for the first time. This is unusual because it shows the time on a linear scale on a rotating cylinder, rather than using a hand. Although visually distinct from CC1, ur-111c is clearly a descendant of the king cobra, sharing many of its features and design quirks. The ur-111c black cobra has a steel and titanium case. The case is 42 mm wide, 46 mm long and 15 mm thick. All the glass visible here is sapphire, with an anti-reflective coating. Due to its unusual, almost sculptural shape, the case is, unsurprisingly, only 30 metres waterproof. The ur-111c is powered by an auto-chested core with 37 gems, 48-hour power storage and operating speed of 28,800 VPH.

If you've been following Urwerk best swiss watches in the past, you know it moves beyond the spec sheet and takes some getting used to. As I mentioned earlier, the time shown here is using a rotating cylinder - or cone - rather than the traditional manual setting. The main time display reads along the inner edge of the shell. It's actually a very accessible location. Similar to a traditional "drive" watch, you can read a cobra without having to rotate the top of your wrist to your face. Very convenient, if you are in a hurry... If you look at the main display, you will see that it is divided into three Windows. The leftmost window shows the hour cone, jumping one hour per hour. In the middle, the most visible window displays minutes, as does the right window. Now it takes a little time to digest, but after a few sweeps you'll find that you've chosen one or the other, depending on which cylinder/cone your brain can process faster.

How about seconds? Well, to do that, you have to rotate your wrists because they're on the top deck. Strangely, the time display does not stop. If you look at ur-111c, you may notice that it has no crown. Instead, the watch has a lever on the right side of the case and a rotating cylinder on the top of the case, right under the second hand display. These two gadgets work together to replace the crown. To wrap the watch, roll the watch with your finger. To set the time, pull down the lever on the right side of the chassis. The Urwerk ur-t8 is a cool series of watches. There are many options, but the innovative manufacturer is always looking for new ways to turn the dial to 11. The overarching premise is a hyper-futurism, leaning toward it from the start, but the swiss automatic watches brand's recent obsession with blending these avant-garde looks with traditional craftsmanship is paying dividends.

It's easier to imagine the plain dial circular watch as a voluntary canvas for handicrafts, but starting with Urwerk ur-t8 as the foundation guarantees one thing: the final product will turn to the mind. Whether these minds are admired or feared, it all boils down to the execution of the concept. Thanks to Emmanuel Esposito, I think the Urwerk ur-t8 Colibri and its accompanying knives will get people's attention. Of course, the Urwerk ur-t8 Colibri isn't a new watch per se, but it's a brand new watch. A chapter in an expanding catalog. We actually first wrote about the ur-t8 model in January 2017, so we're going to focus on the artistry of the presentation here. For Urwerk ur-t8 Colibri, Urwerk works with tool manufacturer Emmanuel Esposito. Although I hadn't heard of esposito before, he seems to have made some pretty spectacular knives - almost too beautiful. Esposito brings the decorative techniques learned in the trade to Urwerk's project. Using techniques honed on the decorative hilt, Esposito created a mother-of-pearl inlay on the back of the watch that was absolutely amazing. Thousands of black-lipped mother-of-pearl were cut into diamonds before being selected alone. And arrange for the best light capture. The result is a shimmering Argyle pattern, not to be missed. All this is offset (or actually set) by 18-karat gold pins into the steel frame, which is then placed in a machined groove at the bottom of the urwerk replica titanium watch.

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